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  • HL-15:How is it different than standard heating?

    Infrared heating coming from Graphene is a brand new technology discovered in 2010 and is much more efficient than standard electrical heat.

    While electrical heat only penetrates 0.3" into the skin, infrared heat will reach the deep tissues up to 3", and will bring a relaxing, relieving effect to any aching muscle or joint.

  • HL-15:Is there a risk of burn?

    No, infrared heat emitted by graphene is safe and won't feel extremely hot at contact, contrarily to electrical heat. It emits nice healing rays which are naturally absorbed by the human body for a 10x deeper heat.

  • HL-15:How quickly can I expect the neck pain relief?

    You will feel better during the first session with our Smart Far Infrared Heating Neck Wrap.

    We advise daily sessions of 30 min, or when you feel you need a relieving effect.The more you will use it day after day, the more you will benefit from the long-term effects.

  • HL-15:Why I can not feel the warm heat when I turn on?seems too slow to warm?

    Infrared heat is a slow, soothing warmth which will reach your deep skin and will need more time to reach its effectiveness.

  • HL-15: Is it a 3-mode temperature level?

    No, you can set any degree of temperature from 15~65℃ freely.

  • HL-15: Is the electric current safe?

    It features a USB interface design with voltage 5V, which is safe and low voltage.